Emergency Backpack

Useful emergency items, brought together in one handy package

Emergency Backpack

The Emergency Backpack is a multi-tool application, containing a selection of useful emergency items, brought together in one handy package. Each section has been designed to provide a high level of functionality, whilst maintaining an attractive and user friendly design.

Personal Alarm

The personal alarm provides users with an effective weapon against would be attackers. The alarm emits a high pitched sound, helping to deter attackers whilst drawing attention to your situation.

First Aid Guide

This guide contains up to date information to deal with a wide range of emergencies and other first aid situations. The guide is split into relevant subsections and information pages use a handy colour code system, to allow users easy access to relevant data.

In Case of Emergency

This section can provide medical professionals with easy access to a predetermined ICE contacts list, as well as user specific medical information. The contacts section helps users to create a list of contact numbers, based on the information contained within their phone. This user defined ICE list can then be made accessible to emergency personnel through the use of an ICE home screen widget. The notes section provides the tools to make a record of important medical information, helping emergency personnel to better understand your individual needs in the event of an emergency. Both sections have been designed to allow emergency personnel easy access to relevant information in the event of an accident.


The torch has been designed to be simple and elegant, whilst still being highly functional and user friendly. It can automatically set brightness levels to max to provide users with the most light possible. All four sections of the application possess home screen widgets, providing users with quick and easy access to all parts of the application.

Emergency Backpack